Barb Wiedenman
Barb Wiedenman & Associates

"Great customer service.  Easy to get a hold of and response time is wonderful.  Made the process of buying this home less stressful and a great experience!"      

-Shawn and Jessica 



"We would definitely recommend Barb to other buyers.  They were so attentive to our needs as we looked for a house and went through the process of buying."  

- Andrew





"They’re fantastic! Very professional and great to deal with. I would recommend them for buying or selling or both."





"Very knowledgeable!  Very caring and understanding what you want!  The team is very pleasant to work with!"

-Jessica and Jeremy




 "Very easy to work with and a friendly team. Loved working with Barb, Courtney and all of Barb's Team.  Thank you!"
                                                                                      - Julie